"What a gem the Extraordinary Ventures Michigan (EVM) laundry operations are, in so many ways… Wash, Dry, Fold, Sort and nicely package my dropped items in their brightly colored bags… check! Have a motivational exchange with the staff and the wonderfully engaging young adults… check! Leave knowing you just made an incredibility wise investment and got a great value… check! Leave knowing you’re coming back with your next load or two, because they motivated you as well… check! Not a better value, experience or service around."

 David O’ Ryan Business Professional (Laundry Service Client)  

"I love the great laundry service that the group from O.U. Incubator provides!  They pick up and deliver the tablecloths cleaned and folded the next day; excellent customer service from their courteous staff!"

Analya Callendar (Laundry Service Client)

"I have been getting my laundry done through them for over a month now. The work is amazing impressive and Timely. I have even sent them things with stains that I just use around the house, and in a few cases they have completely remove the stains! Above and beyond folks, thanks!"

Brenda Holey-Sumey (Laundry Service Client)

"We would like to express our satisfaction in the work you do for us. Since working with Mid-West Instrument you have done a great job and work is completed on time.  Your participation helps ensure our assembly departments run smoothly. From o-ringing of small parts to assembly of parts and packaging your accuracy is always there and you do a great job."

Sincerely, Mid-West Instrument

"These fidgets are awesome!"

Caleb, (Sensory Tool user)