Sensory Tools

What are sensory tools?

Sensory Tools can also be called “Fidgets;” The Worry Stone, the Link Fidget, and the Amigo are three varieties of fidgets. We all fidget in certain situations. Some twirl their hair; others tap their feet. Sometimes, however, individuals engage in fidgeting patterns that are socially inappropriate. In such cases, using a fidget helps individuals regulate their sensory systems.

Fidgets are self-regulation tools that are used for various purposes:
• Absorb and learn new information • Pay attention • Engage in active listening • Remain calm • Manage stress • Stay focus

Fidgets help individuals control and redirect movement to enhance their learning. Some individuals are kinesthetic learners; which means that they learn best when engaging both mind and body. Using a fidget helps them better absorb new information.

Our fidgets are now also being sold at the Play Place for Autistic Children in Sterling Heights.