Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
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  • 1. Who is EVM and what do they do?

    Extraordinary Ventures Michigan (EVM) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization focused on creating employment opportunities for differently abled adults. Our non-profit organization is an unprecedented collaboration between Oakland University (OU), Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM), and Judson Center.

    EVM aims to bridge the gap between post high school programs and access to meaningful employment opportunities; where young adults can make an earning for their contribution within the community. The employment ventures we seek out in Oakland County, will host as opportunities for young adults to improve their quality of life through meaningful employment. The jobs we create provide supported yet independent work; in a least restrictive environment. EVM intends to use this model of employment to further increase employment opportunities for the increasing number of adults with disabilities.

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  • 2. Where is EVM located?

    EVM is located at:

    1. Legacy Center at 925 N. Lapeer Rd Oxford, MI 48371
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Laundry FAQ

  • Laundry
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  • 1. What size are the EVM laundry bags?

    The EVM laundry bags are 22in x 28in (about a week of laundry for one person).

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  • 2. What is the cost of the service?

    Monthly Rate = $56 for one bag wash/clean per week

    $108 for two bags wash/clean per week

    $150 for three bags wash/clean per week

    Per Bag Basis = $15/per bag [General Public]

    $10/per bag [Students]

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  • 3. Where do I drop off/pick up my laundry?

    Drop off your laundry between the hours of 9am – 3pm at Legacy Center


    Drop off your laundry/pick up between the hours of 9am-3pm at the OU INC.

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  • 4. Does EVM do dry cleaning or take special requests?

    We currently do not have dry cleaning capabilities.  However, we do take reasonable requests discussed at the time of drop off. (Ex:  Hang dry, hypo-allergenic detergent)

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  • 5. How does the laundry come back?

    The laundry service has a 48-hour turnaround time and will come back folded, packaged and ready to wear!

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  • 6. What do you wash? Do you mix customer’s laundry together?

    Anything you can fit in our florescent green EVM Laundry bag we’ll clean! No, we do not mix any customers laundry. We focus on cleaning each customer’s laundry separately.

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Small Parts and Services FAQ

  • Small Parts and Services
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  • 1. Can my company hire EVM employees? How do I get started?

    EVM encourages other community businesses to join our mission in employing differently abled adults!  EVM is open to all opportunities pending the ability to perform such tasks. Please contact us to discuss details of your company’s needs.  Or, complete the form online to begin discussions on further steps.

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  • 2. What type of employment opportunities does EVM look for?

    Any niche job/tasks that your business may have.  The jobs may be in house or outsourced at one of our locations depending on what tasks you might ask of us to do. EVM staff evaluates what the job entails and establishes a system for our employees to manage the tasks at hand.

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  • 3. What kind of small parts assembly do you currently do?

    Examples include:

    • Employees assemble O-rings to screws and count and bag items into sets.
    • Employees collate and prepare marketing materials for a local cable company.
    • EVM can help your business increase marketing by passing out flyers.
    • EVM also can assist your company in labeling or packaging your products for retail sales.
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  • 4. How much does EVM charge?

    Since the many niche jobs fall under our small parts assembly, the cost varies per task that needs to be done. However, we do offer competitive pricing that will be more cost effective for your business than current operations.

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  • 5. Can I test it to see if I like the work provided?

    Yes. We assure our clients that quality and efficiency is monitored from start to finish. Each job will be evaluated by our staff to design and implement any necessary accommodations needed for employee success.

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Organic Farm FAQ

  • Organic Farm
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  • 1. What are microgreens?

    Microgreens are tiny vegetable greens; harvested just after the first leaves develop.

    They have delicate textures and distinctive flavors, making them a perfect visual and flavor component in recipes.   Microgreens are packed with nutrients! Research shows higher levels of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene in Microgreens; compared to fully grown counterparts.

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  • 2. How long before they spoil?

    Microgreens generally last about a week when kept refrigerated.

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  • 3. Where can I purchase them?

    Microgreens can be purchased at the Legacy Center between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm.

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  • 4. Can I preorder?

    Certainly!  Call for availability of varieties.

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  • 5. Is EVM Organic Farm certified organic?

    Not at this time.  However, EVM uses ONLY WATER and LIGHT to grow microgreens and other varieties of greens.

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  • 6. What do I use them for?

    Microgreens can be used in salads, soups, sandwiches, spring rolls, smoothies, and stir-fry’s and even sushi.  Many recipes can be found by searching for “Microgreens recipes” on Google or Pinterest.

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EVM Sensory Tools FAQ

  • Sensory Tools
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  • 1. What are sensory tools?

    Some individuals are kinesthetic learners; they learn best when engaging both mind and body. Using a fidget helps them better absorb new information. Fidgets assist individuals to balance energy levels and stay relaxed in stressful situations. Fidgets can help individual control and redirect movement to enhance their learning.

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  • 2. Where can fidgets be used?

    Fidgets are used at home, in the workplace, in the classroom, in your car, anywhere!

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  • 3. Do employees of EVM make the fidgets?

    Yes! Employees follow visual directions to make the Worry stone, Link fidget, and the Amigo. Lap buddies are made by a special volunteer who knows how to sew.

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  • 4. Can I choose my own colors of fidgets?

    At this time, we ask that you choose from the colors available; stating either warm or cool colors. Employees try to make a wide selection of colors in each of the styles of fidgets.

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  • 5. Can I order a lap buddy?

    Yes! We ask that you call and speak to someone regarding the style and weight you’d like. We have a large selection of sizes and weights. Let us help you decide!

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